Saturday, October 20, 2007

Frilly Liveried Land Lubber

Every year the US federal government basically has an employee "pledge drive" for charities called the Combined Federal Campaign. It's an interesting idea: get employees to pledge a certain amount, and then the government takes the money right out of your paycheck! Other employers do that too.

This year's campaign was more surprising than usual, since it's the first time they have peppered the workplace with these bizarre posters.

I get it. They're playing off of the Pirates of the Carribean. There are other posters that goof on Field of Dreams, Happy Feet, and Shrek.

But it's just not clear to me how a rastafarian pirate dressed in a glitter jacket is going to stimulate the charitable spirit. I mean, pirates pillage, don't they? (But then again, it's not clear to me what Postal-Shrek is supposed to mean either.)

Let's take a closer look at this scurvy dog. Check out his hair:

What are those? Yep, they're carabiner-earrings! And looking still closer, there are other keychains braided into his hair as well. If that's where he keeps his keys, he must jingle a lot every time he swabs the deck or climbs the forecastle.

Check out his feet too:

Uh huh, those are slippers with paper clips attached. This is is a very fashion-challenged pirate, but at least he is utile.

I believe that this year's pirate (and baseball hero) was played by David Lipscomb (man at pictured podium). Mr. Lipscomb, I salute you playing along with such a ludicrous concept.