Sunday, June 21, 2009

Ipod 3.0 software update

The iPod3.0 touch software update doesn't look that compelling for the iPod touch first generation. Here's what they advertise as new:
  • cut and paste - want
  • landscape keyboard - kind of want
  • spotlight search - meh
  • buy media on your ipod touch from itunes - do not want
  • stereo bluetooth - could not use (2nd generation only)
  • head to head games - could not use (2nd generation only)
  • shake to shuffle - do not want
  • parental controls - do not want
  • new languages - do not want
  • automatic wifi hotspot login - do not want
  • push notifications - probably won't use
  • itunes store account creations - do not want

My question is whether I will have to pay the $9.95 just to keep
up-to-date with security updates and bug fixes for the older
version of the iPod touch operating system.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Damn the Torpedoes

Warning: spoilers!

Recipe of the Star Trek movie: (1) One part damn the moral dilemma, full action ahead! (2) Two parts damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead! (literally) (3) Three parts damn the bridge procedure, I'm going on the away team! (4) Most. powerful. mining ship. evar. (5) Seasoned to taste with a pinch of red matter. (may substitute deus ex machina juice if required) Smooth over plot holes with a frosting of computer graphics. Served as a non-stop space action movie with a Star Trek logo pasted on top.

The tasting: I liked it for the action part, I quite liked the acting and character interactions, but as a Trekkie film, it wasn't really there for me.