Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Owing Myself

I have a procedural question. If I go on personal holiday with time off work, and am then struck by a nasty sinus-throat-lung illness which puts me out of commission for a few days, is that vacation or is it sick leave? I took a trip somewhere to see family, so it must be vacation; but I was laid up in a dark room for two days, so that seems like sickness.

I suppose it was really my personal vacation, so I am the one responsible not to get sick for it. Perhaps then I should also be responsible for my own private cache of sick days, sort of like self-insurance. Then I could be my own benefits coordinator and say snarky things like, Sorry, you can't get sick on this vacation. You were sick last weekend! I could also do mind-blowing things like taking a vacation from my vacation! Adios Phil, I'm taking a day off from all this fun!

Excuse me while fire myself.